O3 ReBoot Therapy®

O3 ReBoot Therapy® mixes gas naturally found in the Earth’s atmosphere with oxygen to create a treatment with powerful healing capabilities. O3 has been used by practitioners for more than 150 years with benefits shown for autoimmune diseases as well as many other health issues. 

What to Expect:

In and Out:

O3 ReBoot Therapy® is quick! You are in and out of office in about 30 minutes.

Number of Treatments:

Number of treatment depends on each individual patient based off your condition, the severity of it, and how long you have been suffering with it.


Frequency of treatments per week depends on each individual case, however, in the beginning 2-5 treatments a week is recommended until improvement is seen. From there, maintenance treatments are recommended 1-2 times a month to prevent recurrence.


O3 ReBoot Therapy® is proven to result in significant improvement in symptoms, even resulting in a complete reduction even in the most severe and stubborn of cases.