O3 Regenerative Therapy™

Harness the body’s ability to heal itself with O3 Regenerative Therapy ™

What to Expect:

O3 Regenerative Therapy ™ is the introduction of an ozone and oxygen compound to damaged joints and tissue. The body relies on these cells to make the necessary collagen and cartilage needed to repair damaged ligaments and joints. The increased activity of these cells allows for necessary repair activity that strengthens and tightens the injure tissues. With the increase of these healing nutrients in the area of injury is stabilized, resulting in reduction of pain and inflammation.

O3 Regenerative Therapy ™ treats many different conditions such as autoimmune diseases, infections, promote wound healing and can help clear brain fog.

In and Out:

O3 Regenerative Therapy ™ is quick! You are in and out of office in about 30 minutes.

Number of Treatments:

Number of treatment depends on each individual patient based off your condition, the severity of it, and how long you have been suffering with it.


Frequency of treatments per week depends on each individual case, however, in the beginning 2-5 treatments a week is recommended until improvement is seen. From there, maintenance treatments are recommended 1-2 times a month to prevent recurrence.


O3 Regenerative Therapy ™ is proven to result in significant improvement in symptoms, even resulting in a complete reduction even in the most severe and stubborn of cases.