Success Stories


I went to Sarika feeling completely helpless with a nerve condition that even neurologists didn’t have a determined solution as to what was the best procedure for my situation. Since I have had success in the past with acupuncture due to back pain I decided to try acupuncture again while I wait out my appointments with specialists. Sarika is like an angel from heaven for me! Not only does she understand neurology and nerve pain, she is friendly, asks questions and I have had a lot of success with her treatments without ever having to see a doctor. I highly recommend seeing her if you have anything neurological or pain related because a lot of medical procedures for these sort of things are not guaranteed and can be very invasive. Even on the phone, before we even met, I knew she understood my problem based on the questions she was asking. She really saved me from what was a physically and mentally challenging few months for me. Highly recommend her!

– Gilles S.

I’ve been so fortunate to have discovered Sarika and her practice . I kept having repetitive coughing and nothing seem to help until I visited her office. After a thorough consultation she recommended to try cupping be done on my upper back and sides. After just one treatment I noticed a difference. Within 3 visit my coughing was completely gone.

While visiting her for my treatments I questioned the other services she provided. One was the Facial Rejuvenation Therapy. Now this has been a life changer I can’t even express how much this therapy has benefitted my entire face.  I have had Botox a few times and fillers here and there but since I’ve started this treatment I don’t need any of it.. the lines around my eyes, laugh line and two stubborn lines on my forehead have demolished. With the treatment she also preforms face cupping. This also helps with contouring the face and bringing back collagen. Overall the treatment is very safe, relaxing and comfortable, with astonishing results. Sarika is extremely talented and is confident in all that she does , I wish I had meet her sooner.

– Amy A.

I first met Sarika when she was teaching prenatal yoga classes back in 2011. Sarika would bring a skeleton to class for us to visualize how alignment poses would reflect in our body. It is this attention to detail that had me follow her on her journey to Acupuncturist and I was eager to be a patient. In addition to her intuitive and detail specific skills for healing Sarika has embraced creating a safe space during the COVID-19 pandemic like no other doctor I have been to. Upon arriving at her space you are temperature checked and sanitized. Sarika is careful to build her schedule to avoid patient over-lap. She uses a UV Light Sanitizer Wand on all surfaces and each room has an AirDoctor filter. She provides the latest updates on how best to prevent the virus and has been an amazing resource through this changing time. When I arrived post pandemic she swapped out my cloth mask for an N95 mask because it is optimal in preventing particle transference. I am so grateful to have her on my healing journey. I give her my highest recommendation.

– Vanessa R.

Sarika is a more than qualified practitioner, highly skilled in her craft. She prides herself in taking care of her patients and treating them like family. Sarika takes the time to listen to my concerns and cater the treatments to meet my needs. When other doctors wanted to write me off for my unexplained back pain, she took the time to explain what may be causing it and what my options are for treatment. The explanations were not only thorough, she was open and honest of what I should expect during my recovery process and what I needed moving forward, no sugarcoating. Although I sought acupuncture to help alleviate my back pain, it has helped my body heal and recharge more than I could have ever imagined. Every individual is different and will have different needs, but I have to emphasize to trust in the process, to trust that Sarika will be able to assist you. I would definitely recommend Soma to my friends and family. Amazing, genuine care!

– Sherry T. (RN)

I have been seeing Sarika for a little over 6 months now.  I started seeing her for a chronic issue that I have had for many years. Along the way, she has also helped me with some physical injuries (I am fairly active, and think I am way younger than I actually am).

Sarika is extremely knowledgeable about all things body and health.  Her bedside manner is always appropriate, and I often find myself looking forward to our sessions.  She is genuine and observant and I always feel safe in her care.

Although my chronic issues have not been resolved completely, I am much better off than I was 6 months ago. As I continue to see her, I see more and more improvement. Chronic issues take a long time to develop, and therefore I expect that resolving them will take time as well.

She uses all the means at her disposal. I have had traditional acupuncture, needles attached to electric stimulation, cupping, body work and herbs so far. I admit that I look forward to when she breaks out a new trick.

When it comes to acute injury (I have had some hand and back injuries from work and play) she really shines.  Whenever I take a spill on the mountain or have a gnarly 15 -hour work day, I know that a few sessions with Sarika will aid my body’s recovery system.

She answers questions thoughtfully and if an approach stops working (or has run it’s course), she will change it up.  I have seen some other chronic issues related to stress almost completely dissipate in the time I have been seeing her.  These were not issues I was looking to address through acupuncture per se, but it was a great side benefit.

A side note on Covid protocols. The office is always very clean, and everyone takes the protocols very seriously.  I have never felt uncomfortable in the office.

All in all, I have been to many acupuncturists and bodyworkers in my day, not only in California, but all over the world.  Sarika is one of the best and most conscientious practitioners I have seen.

– Stefanos K.

I love this place! Sarika is exceptional at what she does.  My hands and feet were stiff and achy. After one treatment i could feel the circulation improve.  She really explains her treatment and the reasons why they help.  She’s also treating my hot flashes and anyone they can help me regulate my temperature  deserves 10 stars!

– Diane D.

I have been going to acupuncture the last five years in Portland, Oregon for chronic pain in my neck and shoulder as well as hormonal issues and have gotten moderate results. I am so grateful to have found Sarika and her practice [after being in L.A] since October. I have gone to massage and other acupuncture over the years which has only ever made a small dent in the constant pain in the neck and shoulder area. My first visit and my pain was actually gone for the first time in 5 years. I spent two days after my first visit just resting and crying in relief. If you have ever been in pain and then it goes away even for a day I can tell you it’s very emotional! It’s been almost a week and I still am pain free and my body feels like it is healing on many other subtle levels. Thank you so much Sarika and also the very kind receptionist who talked with me about crystals. The office is super clean and all safety protocols are being followed. Very grateful for the healing and professional treatment every step of the way!

– Melaney J. Z.

I am so thankful for Sarika and her care and loving precision. I started seeing her regularly for acupuncture to regulate some of the intense PMS/menstruation things I’ve long experienced and her support and practice has been SO helpful in this area and then to basically everything in my life. I highly suggest going to see her if you’re looking for deep support in realigning/recalibrating physically & mentally. She is wonderful.

– Brielle A.

Sarika is incredible! She has helped me with many injuries, including a back injury that had been causing me pain for almost 20 years. I have never had a practitioner that is so in tune with the intricacies of the human body. She finds and fixes even the most subtle issues that I had no idea we’re having big ripple effects on my body. I can’t recommend her enough!

– Mary L.

If you are looking to give acupuncture and cupping a try, go to Soma. Sarika is wonderful! The treatments have helped me immensely with my migraines and back pain. I haven’t had to take my medication for migraines for almost a full week. I’ve had the treatments for two weeks.
Soma has a clean, relaxing atmosphere. Highly recommended.

– Rowena Z. (RN)

Sarika is a lifesaver! I had a shoulder injury that was impacting my QOL greatly. I’m a little over halfway done with my sessions and my pain is 98 percent gone. She is so knowledgable about what she does, so nice to talk to and I truly believe everyone would be better off if they trusted her to work with their body whenever they have an issue. We have done a combo treatment of acupuncture and cupping and I cannot describe what a relief it is to have found such a skilled bodyworker near me.

– Brianna M.

I love the intimate atmosphere and the help that I receive with every session with Sarika who is truly knowledgeable making the experience comfortable and helpful with each visit. So far I have tried just the acupuncture along with recommended Chinese herbs but I also look forward to cupping and facial needling.

– Asya S.

Decided to try acupuncture again and was pleasantly surprised. I was pretty skeptical at first because I’ve been to other acupuncture places and wasn’t expecting much help initially. But after my first treatment, I felt so much better.

Sarika was very knowledgeable and literally uses needles from the top of my head to the bottom of my foot treating any ailment I had. But I was there primarily for my chronic low back pain.

After the treatment was finished I got off the table to move around, my back felt amazing. The soreness and achiness I had was gone!

I definitely recommend giving acupuncture a try if it’s your first time.

Sarika is very kind and compassionate and really cares that you get better.

– Jeff U.